New to the Bench

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Oct 21, 2010
Bay Area, CA
After hearing all the good things about this site, I'm finally here.
I trade under the same name on other sites also.
I mainly collect to add to my PC.
I collect HoFers, Stars and nice RC autos, especially of SF 49ers/Giants and players in my sig.

Hoping to trade for some PC cards on this site.
If you have anything I could use, please feel free to shoot me a PM and lets work something out.

My PC is Not For Trade, so please don't ask.
It's only available if I offer :p

So, Let's Trade!
Interested in these...

Shipley Finest Auto/Patch
Haden Classics Auto
Hernandez Finest Auto/Dual GU
Harvin Finest Auto/GU
Braun/Zimmerman Dual Auto
Romo/Schaub Dual Auto

lmk if we can work something out...bucket is wide open

Thanks for the warm welcome guys.
I love how this site is set up, very very cool.

[To:bronxbombers14, tom szczygiel, cpr1981]
I'm at work right now, so I can't really check buckets ATM.
I'll send you a PM when I get home, and hopefully we can work something out.
I hit the gym after work, so I'll be home around 8PM PDT.

Thanks again guys,