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Joined the group a few days ago. I have been collecting since 1996 - first set was 1996 Score. Used to get packs from K&B Toy Stores in the local mall back then.

Limit my collecting to stuff my father sends along and Cal Ripken Jr & the Baltimore Orioles. I certainly have no hope of ever completing my Ripken collection (too many 1 of 1's) but it keeps me off the street. O's cards are like inserts when they pop up in packs. Always cool to find a guy from 'my' team.

I used to have a website that attempted to show my Ripken collection to those who would be interested. I haven't kept up with it but have been thinking more lately about getting it up and running again. Ripken checklist and various Orioles information. Just enough to keep me busy without becoming a second job. It's just a hobby, right?

As for trading, I am interested but will find it difficult to come up with cards to trade. I have some early 2000's stuff but the bulk of my collection is already Orioles. Once I get a checklist posted somewhere I will link to it and would welcome any help from experienced traders to get going in the right direction.

I used to use Beckett Collector-to-Collector auctions to get some great deals on Ripken cards. I also completed a few trades through the site. Any thoughts about Beckett's "Organize" offering? I have about 1709 Ripken cards check-listed on the site, with 340 left to finish up with the 'current' collection. I ask for input on the Beckett site simply because I'm curious about other's thoughts. I haven't been a big fan of what Beckett does with various pricing offerings (and my Dad has been a tad more negative about the company) but I feel like most folks use the Beckett site as the de facto pricing for trades and auctions.

Thanks for putting The Bench together and keeping it going. I'm looking forward to getting a few trades going...


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Welcome to the Bench, I'm particularly new here too, and it will really help your needs. Let me know if you'd want to make a trade.



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Welcome to The Bench guys...get posting to let us know what you're looking for, we'll do our best to help you out! -Andy


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Welcome to the site I feel your pain on the ripken for sure I took from 2000 to 2009 off from collecting came back in 2010 and was amazed at the changes in pricing and product need any help let me know


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Welcome to The Bench. I haven't used Beckett organizer, but I know some with big collections do use it.