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Bench Warmer
Jun 12, 2010
Corvallis, OR
Hello my name is Mike.

A little about myself. I collected heavily in the lat 80's and early to mide 90's when I was a little kid. But when the card prices started exceeding my ability to collect cans or mow lawns, I decided to leave the hobby around the age of 12. I would buy a pack or two every so often but never had the fire reignite.

Then last year I stepped into a cardshop at a mall in Colorado and started talking to the shop owner about cards and what not. So I guess that is what reignited the fire to collect again and so last year in August I started collecting again.

My main collecting interests are Sammie Stroughter (WR-Tampa Bay Buccs) and Sean Canfield (RC QB-Saints), along with occasional pickups of other Oregon State Beavers.

My cards of Sammie and Canfield are:
Stroughter: non 1/1's: 96/115; 1/1: 3; non 1/1 Autos: 16/17, National Treasure Autos-15/99
Sean Canfield: non-1/1: 88/97, autos: 28/31, GU: 8/8, 1/1: 5

A link to my bucket can be found here: State PC NFT/

Thank you all for looking and hoping to find some of my needs for Sammie, and Canfield