New TTM Project - need some addresses, and advice

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Sep 25, 2021
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I’m going to try something I haven’t done in years, send out some cards and try to get some TTM Autos.

Im going through a bunch of cards I have boxed up and came across some I’d like to send out and try my luck at getting auto’d. I will make a list of the guys names, and hopefully someone on here can help me with some addresses, and any advice on having success for these guys as well.

will update the thread with my successes as well as any guys I find and want to add to the list.

Luis Aparicio
Juan Marichal
Paul Molitor
Mike Schmidt
Ryne Sandberg
Jim Palmer
Orlando Cepeda
Nolan Ryan

Thanks, Landon
You will need to include a cash donation for every single one of those names... and some, like Mike Schmidt will not do ttm. My other piece of advice is not to send a card, ever, that you will miss in the event it doesn't come home to you because that will happen. If you go to the above info bar under TTM Manager you should be able to find those names and the appropriate donation amount it takes to make it happen. Best of luck, ~Rooster.

Here are a few addresses with requested donations:

Ryno asks $10:
260 Shore Acres Cir.
Lake Bluff, IL 60044

Nolan asks $75
c/o Nolan Ryan Foundation
PO Box 6979
Round Rock, TX 78683

Orlando asks $10
1700 Broadway St. Apt 140
Concord, CA 94520

Palmer asks $10
320 Larkspur Avenue
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625-3040

Wish I had better news for you on these guys though:
Marichal doesnt seem to be signing anymore, I have not seen a success since Dec. 2021
Rooster is right about Schmidt, he has sent some back that appear secretarial.
I have never seen a success from Luis Aparicio, though he may be available via private signing or convention.
Molitor seems to have stopped signing in 2021.

I do know that Goose Gossage, Rollie Fingers, Jim Rice, Bill Mazeroski, Whitey Herzog, Wade Boggs, and Andre Dawson are very automatic signers with a small donation as well!

Hope that helps, happy TTM-ing!

God bless,