New Year's resolution is starting to pay off...

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb my first TTM has come in! It's not even a player, but a manager. :)

1/9/10 - 1/15/10
Sparky Anderson 1/1 (88 Topps)

What a start to my collection, and coming from MI to CA and back in 6 days is amazing! I sent all of my first batch of requests before I went back to campus for college, so no scans until I get home and find time to scan stuff. Glad to see he hasn't quit for good yet. :D

This one will not be available of course.:p
nice one! i got his IP a lloooonnnggg time ago during spring training one time. i was young and dumb and my marker was not good, hence the auto wasn't the best :(
@greatdadx2 - That is weird, just another thing we kind of have in common. :)

@abncal - sorry to hear that, but you could always get him to sign in pen TTM now. ;)

@OriolesFan8 - Sparky was the manager of the Tigers the year I was born, so I thought it was fitting. This way if I pursue a auto collection of that team, I got one of the toughies already. :p

@blueted007, siksyko, stlcardtrader, rangerfan1982, wmhc28413 - thanks for the comment. I hope to have more of the other 39 I sent out come in soon.
Interesting - Sparky was sending out cards saying that he wasn't feeling well enough to sign any more. I guess he's feeling better!