Newbie question

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May 31, 2010
New Holland, PA
Hi guys,

Is there a way you can view all the threads you posted in? Like a "view your posts" so you don't have to search through countless of other threads to see if your posts got a response?

Yes, there is.....go to the search button above and type in your will then see advanced search, click that, with your name, and then all the posts will come up that you've posted on, or started a thread with..

Hope this helps..
Forgot to tell ya, Carl...I got your Kaline today....since you are a new trader, I had to wait to send out your Zobrist....will be sending out tomorrow....

Thanks again for the trade.
You could also click "List Subscriptions" at the top of the screen. It will list all the posts you've made on one screen without having to search. ;)
Welcome to 'The Bench'.
We have a great bunch of knowledgeable traders who are always ready to answer your question.

From the Home page, on the left had side of the page is a list of users that are logged on to the bench. Your name should be first in the list. Select your name off the list (left click on it). A screen appears that shows information about your userid. On the left hand side there are two options to show posts that you have made and threads that you have started.
Hope that helps and welcome.