Newer Basketball F/T......

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5.00 star(s)
Would like to trade all of them as a lot, but will take the best offer..... looking for baseball in trade. LMK, thanks, Rooster.

2006 BOWMAN -44S.Parker 90R.Artest 97D.Wade 119W.Blalock RC 163R.Rondo RC
2006 BOWMAN CHROME -43C.Billups 80J.Smith 110C.Butler
2007 BOWMAN -14J.Nelson 19L.Deng 35A.Morrison 42E.Brand 49R.Hamilton 71S.Dalembert 89D.West 95C.Boozer
2007 BOWMAN CHROME -18E.Curry 72L.Alridge

2006 FLEER HOT PROSPECTS -7B.Gordon 9Z.Ilgauskas 14Nene 15C.Billups 27P.Gasol 31T.J.Ford 38C.Paul 39S.Marbury 43A.Iguodala 49R.Artest

2003 TOPPS PRISTINE -179K.Perkins RC
2007 TOPPS FINEST -16K.Garnett 39Z.Randolph 50T.Archibald
2008 TOPPS ELEVATION -39B.Gordon 48J.Stockton 73 S.Hawes RC