Newish Rays fan

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Sep 23, 2009
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Tampa FL
Hello all. Rays fan here. Returned to collecting/trading after about 15 years. I have jumped head long back into it over the last few months and have opened several hobby boxes of 08 and 09 stuff. There are some cards up for trade and all are scanned into my photo bucket so check them out.

I am looking mostly for Rays stuff and more specifically newer Rays stuff. Longo, Bartlett, Crawford, Upton, Zobrist, though I can appreciate that Devil Rays stuff as much as the next guy. I look forward to trades and just chatting so hit me up.

Welcome to the Bench bud, and fellow Rays fan!!
Looking for Baldelli and Zobrist, take a look through my wants, if you can fill any I know I have some Longos, Shields, Upton, Crawfords, etc. for ya! Thanks!

Welcome to the Bench.

If you are collecting most Rays stuff I have this for trade.
2008 Topps Triple Threads Platinum #162 Justin Ruggiano Jsy AU 1/1
As far as I know he not playing ball any longer. LMK.

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Welcome to the Bench fellow Rays fan, I am downsizing my PC some, so I have lots of Crawford, Iwamura, Crawford, and a few Barlett, Navarro,Garza,
and quite a few dupe Longoria-Check out my Longoria collection in my bucket--PC, not trading them.

Looking for Griffey and Longoria.
Welcome back to collecting. My wants are on my site with a vast majority of them from back when you stopped, so you may have some, but I do have a few nice Rays stuff to trade.