Nice little treat in my mailbox today

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Mar 30, 2008
Back in early december I sold a 04 elite extra edition pedroia rookie auto on ebay, a couple of weeks went by and the buyer contacted me saying he had not received the card yet. I always put delivery confirmation on everything but this time i did not so i thought i was pretty much screwed. I refunded him the money and i thought that was it. Today, three months later i get my mail and i see a bubble mailer in the mailbox with a RTS on it. He must of finally got it and sent it back. Sometimes it just shocks me on how honest people are , he could have kept it. There are still honest people out there.
Or maybe it went to the wrong address by mistake. Either way it was still very nice of the person to return it.
well i noticed that in the barcode on the stamp the PO put on it did not print right or something,, but i was really happy to get it back
That's good to know. I currently have a card lost in the mail and it's a pain to try to track it down.
Return To Sender. Currently also have a problem with a seller on ebay...won a card and apparently it was never mailed. Should be receiving a refund shortly. Best regards, David