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NL Central


4.90 star(s)
Ok it's about to get real

#1 Brewers
Rotation is very good overall with Lopez/Davis/Rose/McCann/Wallace one of the better ones out there.
Bullpen has some nice talent not elite but not gonna kill them more times then not.
Offense Chavarria is all I have to say never should have traded that guy among a ton of others lol
System a lot of offensive talent could use a little more pitching talent but with the current situation not a lot to worry about here.

#2 Reds
Rotation Rhodes/Dupree/Thompson ect should be a very nice rotation when all said and done
Bullpen has some decent arms probley the weakness of the team though
Offense has some very good talent 1B Munoz is a hit machine a lot of overall talent here.
System some nice pieces a stud SS and some good SP prospects a lot worse systems out there

#3 Cubs
Rotation is very good could sneak up on the division
Bullpen isn't great in my eyes could also hurt this team
Offense 1B is a stud overall not blown away but enough talent to put up enough for this rotation to win some games
System isn't fully loaded due to recent call ups but isn't completely hollow.

#4 Pirates
Starters Josh Clement is a gem not impressed with the others starters mostly being MR with low stamina but talent is there.
Bullpen has some nice arms to hold the lead down if they have it majority of the times depending on the matchups.
Offense Kennedy and Powell lead the way with some other nice compliments should have no problem finishing atleast 4th in the division.

#5 Cards
Starters Combs is a solid starter/Plummer has a chance to develop into a decent starter/overall a decent roation but no big time guy like the other teams have to blow anyone away.
Bullpen a big weakness for this team that costs them dearly.
Offense a avg offense at best Rousette/Reyes are nice but no big star here to lift this team
System not a ton of overall talent could use a lot of infusion of talent at all levels of this team. OF Brandon is a nice prospects and a couple of nice SP's have a chance but are getting a little old if they don't start living up to talent. This is a depressing power ranking for me to make lol.


5.00 star(s)
Pretty good assessment of our division. Based on performance this year, my Reds might be at the bottom of the list. I can't figure these guys out. I feel like I have enough talent to have a shot at MIL, but my pitching has just been horrible - especially bullpen like you mentioned. A couple injuries here and there, but figured I'd still be over .500. Hoping they catch fire soon, or a few guys might hit the trading blocks like CF Douda, SP Dupree, C Randolph, 2B Burden, and maybe 3B Leland Douglas. I happen to think my system is one of the top 5, so I think it's time to call a couple of the kids up.

We'll see what happens over the next 6-8 weeks.