NL East Power Rankings


4.90 star(s)
Miami Marlins #1
Starters with Park/Castillio ect have a very nice rotation that should win them the division.
Bullpen Lopez/Roach/Green should be good enough to hold leads more times then none.
Offense is very effiecent with Moran/Mellhuse/Guttirez ect should score runs for that staff.
System has some nice pieces in it not a elite system but slightly ahead the middle of the pack.

New York Mets #2
Rotation T.Sanchez/C.Luna are a nice start in the rotation
Bullpen has some very good arms should hold the leads pretty well
Offense West/Ervin/Thompson/Sexton should score a lot of runs and keep them in some games if not win them some.
System a couple of decent prospects nothing to write home about could use some more infusion of talent.

Philadelphia Phillies #3
Starters Jake Jackson is a freak and should be elite and then some. Overall not impressed with the rotation
Bullpen isn't loaded with talent and could hurt them holding leads.
Offense I put them here due to having some very good offensive talent with Anderson/Thomas and solid veteran like OF Wallace.
System has a stud hitter and some decent pitching but not a elite system due to Jackson and some others being called up.

Washington Nationals#4
Starters are solid just not seeing the all star type player who's going to anchor the rotation.
Bullpen is very good and could help boost this team up in the divison if the starters can pitch good.
Offense has a couiple of nice pieces the Catcher is elite and scoring shouldn't be to hard most days but the rotation is where I see the overall weakness of the team.
System solid offensively not a ton of pitching but a middle of the pack system.

Atlanta Braves #5
Starters Lee and Gonzalez are very good starters I could see them carrying them up to as far as 2nd in divison if others things come together.
Bullpen overall not a ton of talent a couple of decent options but not to confident against some of the competition they will face
Offense Nixon is a out of this world offensive player along with a couple of other nice contributors this team could very well finish much higher then I have them here. I just dont' know if the consistency is there quite yet as a overall team.
System pitching is loaded with talent some decent offensive talent to not a bad future here.

Hard divison to rank for sure