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NL West Power Ranking


4.90 star(s)
#1 Padres
Starters are solid not elite arms but will keep them in the games most of the time
Bullpen is solid once again not elite but good enough to hold most leads.
Offense has some pure elite talent and should carry this team straight to the top of the division.
System some very nice pitching talent some decent hitting talent not elite system but above average.

#2 Colorado Rockies
Starters are solid Espinosa/Cripps/Bell should bold fairly well but due to the stadium not a huge impact all the time.
Bullpen has elite talent and just pure flame throwers impressive.
Offense Joyce is a monster in Colorado, Ryan, Brooks, Riveria, Hopper ect a lot of offensive talent here
System has a couple of nice pitching prospects but overall not thrilled with the overall system but better then mine lol

#3 Giants
SP Scott very nice pitcher others aren't great but should win a few games
Bullpen is good has some arms who shouldn't hurt the lead to often
Offense has some really big producers in it should help this team but not sure it's enough to keep pace with the Padres and Rockies

#4 Dodgers
Some solid veteran starters but not impressed with overall talent there
Bullpen again some solid veterans key word solid not elite arms in there.
Offense OF Tyler is a power house some other decent contributers just not seeing enough to make up for the pitching talent
System a couple of decent guys but overall could use a nice infuse of talent just like my Cards.