No 2010 Topps Heritage High Number Set?


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So I called my local card shop to see when he would be getting the 2010 Topps U/H in (next Tuesday), and I asked when he was getting the Heritage High Numbers, too. He said that Topps isn't doing a Heritage High Number set this year -- can anyone else confirm this?

I'm kind of surprised -- I know that the Heritage set went #1-500 (including SPs), but then Topps released a few SPs at the National numbered 575 -- so I had just assumed that there would be some additional cards in the set (at least #501-574) coming out.

I'm bummed -- this is the first year I've tried the Heritage set and I've really enjoyed trying to get it all. I've really been looking forward to a High Number set this fall.


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As much as I love Heritage, this is not going to bother me this year. I am getting kind of tired of all the SPs and I am still working on 2009 Heritage High and 2010 Heritage.