No Cute Title - Just Arnold Palmer


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From my perspective, this could be the coolest TTM I have ever received back. Being a golfer, to me, there are three iconic personalities in the history of the sport - Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods - to get an autograph of any of those three is just plain cool.

I give you the man that led an army and has a drink (1/2 iced tea - 1/2 lemonade) named after him. Arnold Palmer.

He signed 1 of 3 and there was a letter of explanation as to why from what I am assuming is his assistant - which was fine by me, getting 1 signed beat my expectations by 1.

Thanks for looking.


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That is his signature too, I have an IP example and they are identical in all the right ways! Congrats, he made PGA golf what it is today, a true household name and living legend!!

Great item!

God Bless,

Kevin Mc

PS: I know Jack Nicklaus signs via his website, I think he sends the same 8x10, not sure if he will sign cards, but here is the website for your reference:


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Hey Andy
Great job my friend he is an awesome man i have met him a couple of times and he is great in person also. If you need a Nicklaus or woods card let me know I have some i would give you


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Cool stuff. Just a heads up though, it's been said on SCN at least that Palmer autopens, and may have as many as four of them for use on different items. It may not be true, but caveat emptor.