No Longer getting e-mails when someone PMs me or posts on a thread

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Dec 1, 2002
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Anyone else having issues with this? I double checked all my settings, and they have it so I receive e-mail when someone PMs me or posts on my thread, but nada! I also checked my junk mail though this hasn't been an issue before. Any thoughts? ideas?
ditto, but since I am on and off 3 times a day it hasn't affected me but I did notice I am not receiving emails anymore
FYI, not sure if it is a specific e-mail type or whatever, but I am using a hotmail e-mail account here on the Bench, and it is not coming through on my iPhone newest iOS or desktop computer through Outlook Express in Windows 8.1
The only thing I can offer is to say check your spam folder. But I don't think that's what it is,
I have window 7 on my laptop and I use Yahoo for my emails. I get them with no problems. We will continue to ask the tech mods to see if there is a setting that has changed lately.

Thanks for your patience as we look at this.