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just del...the PO will be open. well if we didnt do that and raised the rates more than more tears would fall about sending something for 1.30.......
Look at it this way also.. it takes a law to pass this, the politicians will be on holiday break until the new year, then add on to that it is an election year for them. Do they really want to lay off another 40,000 voters?

On the other hand f they don't, the next step is privatizing it. If you like that ask our traders in the UK. Their posties went on strike twice in a month.

Me, I have 10 more years to go to retire and all I can do it be happy I have a job now. The rest I leave to God.
The USPS will also propose to Congress that it reduce the $5.5 billion in annual payments to pre-fund retiree health benefits that it must make until 2016. :eek:
How about Fed admits that this forced monopoly is not working (like most things they do) and let UPS, FEDEX and/or Aunt Mable handle letter sized packages to ease the burden.
thanks for that information James it is very informative.
An easier solution to the whole Post Office issue:

- Sell advertising on Stamps

All the revenue they make from companies would offset some of their own costs and may even lower (or atleast stabilize) prices.

Plus, It'd be cool to have Mountain Dew stamps!