Northwest League 2016 consignment

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5.00 star(s)
Beginning 6/24
I'll be seeing every team except for Salem (Giants) at least once.
The rosters will not be out until days before the season starts but since my team starts on the road there should be time to get stuff here if you are proactive. HERE is the transactions page if you would like to follow it but I should warn you that guys are often stashed there for a few days just to be cut later. I have marked some guys as (speculative) again because they are on the roster now but won't necessarily be in mid-June when this thing gets going.
I will only list coaches with MLB issue cards, you are welcome to send MiLB cards or customs in for other coaches.
I try to list players that have ANY cards but will probably miss some here and there, lmk if you find any.
Prices are for cards only which I prefer, contact me for other items. Most guys are going to be $5, first rounders and higher ranked prospects like Nikorak will be more if he ends up on the Hawks roster.

Consignment only
All transactions must be posted in the TM
SASE must be provided, NOT money for me but send item back
All items must be marked on reverse with username AND name
Cards must be prep'd and ready to be signed
Cards will be signed in blue sharpie or steadler unless otherwise requested

Everett Aquasox-Home Team
Affiliation: Mariners
Brian L. Hunter $5
(speculative) Lane Ratliff-2014 EEE, 2014 panini prism $3
(speculative) Luiz Gohara- 13 15 16 Bowman, 14 Pro Debut $5

Boise Hawks (June 23-27)
Affiliation: Rockies
Andy Gonazlez- 01 UD Pros Plus, 07 SP and UD sets, 09 Bowman WBC $5
Doug Jones $5
No batting coach as of 5/31
Will Swanner-2012 Bowman, 2012 UD Goodwin mini, 2013 pro Debut $5

Eugene Emeralds (July 4-8)
Affiliation: Chicago Cubs
Jesus Feliciano- 2010 Topps Update $5
Brian Lawrence $5
Justin Steele 2014 2015 Bowman 2012 Panini $5

Spokane Indians (July 9-11, Sept 3-5)
Affiliation: Rangers
Tim Hulett $5 (1 spot left)
Brian Shouse-98 Pacific, 02 UD 40-Man, 04 Topps Total, 05 Topps Total, 07 UD $5
Jared Goedert-05 UD Reflections, 07 Bowman (w/Sterling, EEE),07 Tristar AUTOthentics, 08 EEE, 08 Tristar $5

Tri-City Dust Devils (July 18-20)
Affiliation: Padres
Brandon Wood $5
Pitching coach-not announced (5/31/16)
(speculative) Adrian De Horta-2013 EEE $5

Hillsboro Hops (August 4-8)
Shelley Duncan $8
Mike Parrott- Sorry not taking, he's too good TTM to use my time on
Jose Amado-1998 Bowman $5
(speculative) Breckin Williams- 2015 Bowman Draft, panini contenders, EEE $5
(speculative) Gerard Hernandez- 2013 Leaf Perfect Game $5