Not Really A TTM, But You'll Forgive Me Anyways

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Aug 30, 2005

$15 delivered

There are three living Astros that are just darn impossible to get. Adlesh is one of those guys. I've seen three signed items by him ever (including this item). This is the only individually signed item I've seen, though a buddy has a signed card apparently. Everything else I've seen has been on team balls.

But to make it even more awesome, check out his hat. That was prototype hat for the Astros that was never used in a game. It was worn for three exhibition games and never worn again. This was the design they came up with for ST the year after they changed their name from the Houston Colt .45s to the Houston Astros. Thankfully they went with a more stylized H later. I'm sure houbb will tell me I'm slightly wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure I got this story right :D

So there you go. I am buzzed about a catcher few have ever heard of :D
Never really knew why he was a tough one TTM. I knew he was hard to get, but didn't realize he was as big of a toughie as he is. I'm guessing he was one of those players who, when he left the game, he just moved on to bigger and better things, and didn't want to be bothered with fan mail any more. Some players are like that. As I recall he was one of my first TTM failures in 1973 or '74, and there really wasn't a baseball autograph market back then. Therefore, I don't think he stopped because of commercialization. He just stopped is all.

Yes, Billy, you are correct on the hat. I love THAT hat! Man, I wish I had one of those hats! The Astros used that cap in Spring Training in 1965. Awesome pick up, Billy! I wish I had seen it first!