Nothing in the mailbox? The remedy is to hound!

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Apr 17, 2008
Arlington, TX
Haven't had time to send out more TTM's, still waiting on a bunch, so what's a better way to end a dry spell than to hound a bit?

Indians vs. Rangers, 7/5/10

Ron Washington, 4/4 at the players entrance tunnel
David Murphy, 1/3 at the tunnel
Smoak, Nippert, Hunter, and Tribe coach Jon Nunnally all signed but I had nothing for them
Hurdle, Hamilton, Perez, Andrus, Guerrero, Kerry Wood, Feldman, Kinsler, and Young all drove by

Inside the ballpark...

Jake Westbrook, 1/3
Tim Belcher, 1/6
Anderson Hernandez, 2/2
Austin Kearns, 1/2
Carmona, Hafner, Wood, Santana, and Alomar all signed but I missed them. Santana only signed for like 4 people. Spent more time standing around doing nothing in the outfield than he did signing. Wanted to slap the kid next to me who was shouting "CARLOS!" at him every 5 seconds. Same kid also tried to cut the line behind the dugout about 6 different times.

Might try Santana and Alomar TTM. Big Indians fan, lived in the area for 20 years, so I have a buttload of Alomar cards. Printed up an 8x10 of Santana as well.

Not too bad, not great either. 10 autos added to the collection from 6 players.

Scans for great justice: Successes/July 5/Scans.jpg

Since I can only fit 9 on my scanner, here's Kearns: Successes/July 5/Kearns.jpg
That's a pretty nice haul. Sorry to hear about the drive by's.