Nov Contest for Greg Maddux Braves Auto 8/10! Winner is dlackey! Contest is over!

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David K.

5.00 star(s)
Feb 5, 2007
Fresno, California
Your playing for a 2022 Topps Diamond of Greg Maddux Braves Auto 8/10!

    • Must have at least 25 Bench points to enter this contest! Previous Winners cannot enter this contest.
  • Previous Winners: K.C. Royals, robert326, Jsrgale cardmonster, bdink25, Metsfan1986, LoveandPeace, emlctrader, Kemper1971, reckholt, Seawolf17, Cleus-83, topaz77, dubby25, christopher.gallen, woodman.
  • Must pick one number from 1 to 99 for the life of the contest!
  • Contest runs until winner or Nov 24, 2023 8:00 PM Pacific time.
  • Good luck to everyone! Best regards, David
58 please


Thanks for the contest. I will pick 77. Thank you!

12 please and thank you for the contest!

How about good ole, #26

11, thank you David

Thanks for the contest -- will try #22.

16 please


Thanks for another great contest

Thanks for the contest David. I’ll try #4.


Hi David
I will go with Mr Koufax #32
Thanks Bob
We have a winner! Picking the winning number was dlackey! Contest is over! Posting free contest card on the Trade manager and when u have the time Dennis, Please confirm it. Best regards, David