November Rain... err, Mail.


5.00 star(s)
Been a little busy-- the trip to Cleveland, picking up extra time at work to pay it off, and joining a band have kept me occupied.

NOVEMBER 17: Jim Corsi, c/o home, 5/5, 2 months
NOVEMBER 18: Scott Leius, c/o home, 5/5, 2 months
NOVEMBER 25: Mo Vaughn, c/o work, 4/4, 3 months
NOVEMBER 25: Steve Blass, c/o home, 2/2, 1 week
NOVEMBER 26: Ron Cey, c/o home, 2/2, 2 weeks

NOVEMBER 18: Borje Salming, c/o work, 4/4, 1 month
NOVEMBER 21: Kelly Hrudey, c/o CBC, 7/6, 5 months (wrote note back)

NOVEMBER 5: Gary Stanley, c/o work, 1/1, 2 weeks to the UK
NOVEMBER 14: Steve Pittman, c/o son’s team, 2/1, 1 month to the UK (also signed my letter)
NOVEMBER 18: Mike Dowler, c/o work, 9/4, 1 month to the UK (wrote letter back and signed both the front and back of cards)
NOVEMBER 23: Dominic Feltham, c/o work, 3/2, 1 month (wrote note back)
NOVEMBER 28: John Stollmeyer. c/o work, 1/1, 1 week

Hopefully I'll have a few to add today, here on the last day of the month.