Oakland A's Fanfest & Kevin Van Dam IP


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Made a last minute decision to go to A's fanfest yesterday. I did ok but could've done better if I was more prepared. Glad to get 3 guys on A&G cards. Also a few weeks ago the BASSMASTER Elite Series came through and I was able to get 2 Kevin Van Dam A&G Sigs. He is my favorite fisherman and he was using his own black sharpie but after he signed one in black I asked if he could use my blue sharpie for the next, check out the pic of him biting his black pen to use my blue. Nice guy. Some pics:

Ben Sheets

Chad Gaudin



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Wow I was at that Fanfest. But got there too late to get anyone besides Kouz. What's funny is that I must have been standing right next to you while you were taking that pic. I remember that softball getting signed. Weird.