Oct. 29 Returns


Hey everyone, today I got 2 ttm successes, I only had 3 out before today so now only 1.
The first was from Monte Irvin, I sent him a CIC and a $10 check and he sent back a HOF postcard signed and my CIC signed, it took about 25 days. I'm glad to get it back.
Next, was Rick Reuschel, he signed 3 cards including a diamond king in about 2 weeks.
Now i currently have 1 out, to Reggie Miller, I have seen a few successes but don't know if I'll get it back because he will be busy all NBA season. What do you guys think??
Thanks for reading!!:)


5.00 star(s)
I wrote to Reggie Miller myself. I thought it was worth a shot.I never thought I would get kareem Abdul-Jabbar,Karl Malone, or John Stockton either.Good luck with your request.