October results....

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Nov 5, 2010
Santa Cruz, California
I get them out when I can, but October hasn't been very consistent for me, here's what I managed, but first these highlights:
Dave Morehead signed his '64 RC
Jim Essian, who coaches the Greek national team is back in the U.S. and managed to get all my '70s cards signed by him: '77--'81.
Bruce Bochy finally signed the '79 RC & '85 Topps I have sent to him several times w/out success. All through the season when they flashed to him on the games I would swear under my breathe at that man. I think he finally heard me... the return was from spring training this year! Now watch me lose that signed RC on either Flishlin or Pisker (who have both signed another card w/out Bochy).

1968 set hits:
John Boccabella, Bill Landis, Ken McMullen, Lee Thomas, Denny Ribant, Max Alvis, George Culver, John Hiller, George Mitterwald RC, Bob Saverine, Bob Aspromonte

1979 set hits:
Steve Swisher, Don Pisker RC, John Tamago RC,

1985 set hits:
Bryn Smith signed both tops & the '90 Donruss

1990 donruss set hits:
Lee Gutterman, Pat Combs, Joe Orsulak, Clay Parker

thanks for reading and happy returns...