October Thread

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5.00 star(s)
Jul 6, 2010
Fort Benning, GA
Robin Yount !! 1992 Topps-for set, 1982 Topps
c/o home

C.J. Cron 2014 Topps US-set hit
c/o Angels

Tom Wilhelmsen 2014 Topps US-set hit
c/o Mariners

Boone Logan 2012 Topps Gold Parallel-for trade, 2014 Topps US-set hit
c/o Rockies

Clint Barmes 2009 Topps-set hit, 2011 Topps-for trade, 2014 Topps US-set hit
c/o Padres

Norichika Aoki 2012 Topps-for trade, 2013 Topps Opening Day-for trade
c/o Giants

Rocco Baldelli 2006 Topps #654-set hit, 2009 Topps-set hit
c/o Rays

Chris Pettit 2008 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor #77/250-for trade, 2010 Topps-for trade
5218 Walnut Ave.
Irvine, CA 92604

Mike Sweeney 2000 Topps-set hit, 2003 Topps-Royals project hit
c/o Royals
Chien-Ming **** 2009 Topps-for set, 2009 UD, 2009 UD SP (both for trade)
c/o Tacoma Rainiers

Christian Colon 2015 Topps-Royals Project Hit
c/o Omaha Storm Chasers
AWESOME LEVI! Mike Sweeney is my all time favorite player, and is a great man. Christian Colon is my favorite current Royal, very awesome stuff!

God Bless,

David Walling 2000 Topps (already signed by Mike Paradis)-set hit
2816 East Sandy Court
Gilbert, AZ 85297
Congrats, and I should give you a shout out on Robin Yount too, I have never seen him sign ttm, that is awesome that he got back to you!!

God Bless,