Oh no, broke the 1/3 mark for ST!

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
Yep, three more today and two from ST. This is the official two week mark, so I'm sorry for all those who want to kill me right now after seeing my success rate for ST (17/50 isn't that bad as of 2 weeks in).

J.J. Putz 3/3 (14 days)

Mr. T's Comment: The former Mariner/Met, and now White Sox, signed for his homestate guy. I hope he sucks this year when he faces the Tigers, but could be a closer if Jenks gets traded.

Jon Rauch 3/3 (14 days)

Mr. T's Comment: I'm thinking this is the new Twins closer. He has the stuff, and signs TTM just like Nathan did. He was a good pick up for the Twins.

Shea Hillenbrand 4/4 (77 days)

Mr. T's Comment: For now, he holds the record here for slowest signer (which I expect to get surpassed this year). He got hosed by the Red Sox and never found a spot in MLB since, but he still has his charity. I also personally thanked him for his interview on the BENCH. :)
Nice pick ups
Job well done
Mr T has some nice comments I like that
If a player takes the time to sign for me, I should be able to say something nice about them. It's the least I can do. Let's just hope that one day they swamp with me so my brain is fried with saying all these nice things (like on Monday).

If anybody needs any of these guys, some of these are for trade and are added to my FT/FS list in the discussion area.