Old member checking back in...


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Hey all, I used to be pretty active on here but primarily switched over to dealing on SCN a few years ago as my collection changed focus slightly. I still have my Ripken collection as well as every Topps set since 1970. However my main focus is on my All Time Orioles autograph project, to obtain an autograph of every person to ever play for the Orioles. Currently my collection is at 918/991 (92.63%). I thought I would stop back in to see how the TTM/IP autograph trading is over here to see if I could add something to the collection.

How has the site been doing the past few years? Is it still pretty active and growing or has membership dropped off any?


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Welcome back!! Traffic seems a little slow but I think it is just that time of year. Should pick up once baseball season really gets in to the swing of things.



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Welcome back. I agree with mm1sub, traffic seems to be a bit slow, but as baseball season swings into high gear, hopefully more folks will jump back on.

As for the TTM's - based on the threads/posts in the TTM section, seems like quite a few members are doing pretty well with it.