Older Topps Traded/Update Golds FT

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Aug 29, 2003
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Ran across a few stacks of older Topps Traded/Update Golds. I know these are popular parallel sets to build, so figured I would offer them up for trade. Here’s what I found:

2003 Topps Traded Gold
T1 Pierre
T3 Sturtze
T5 Myers x2
T6 Simon
T13 King
T16 Wright
T18 Daal x2
T28 Fick
T31 Benes
T36 Lieber
T45 Flaherty
T47 Goodwin
T48 Dessens
T54 DiFelice
T57 Hernandez
T75 O’Leary
T77 Colbeunn
T78 Helms
T80 Easley
T99 McGriff
T117 Alou x2
T127 Young
T132 Rogers x2
T136 LaRoche
T143 Bautista
T168 Valentine
T170 Diaz
T179 Nelson
T183 Moseley
T184 Crozier
T189 Hammock
T194 Schuerholz
T205 Riggs
T212 Brown
T223 Cash
T225 Duncan
T239 LaForest
T252 Cameron
T269 Trzesniak
T266 Reed
T273 Florence

2008 Topps Update Gold
UH231 Davis

2010 Topps Update Gold
US25 Bailey
US61 Simon
US74 Church
US108 Buck
US121 Pettitte
US136 Saltalamacchia
US206 Anderson
US297 Kelly

2018 Topps Gold
157 Ichiro

2018 Topps Update Gold
US33 Lopez
US47 Odorizzi
US74 Votto
US101 Sale
US119 Baez
US141 Escobar
US148 Brantley
US186 Cain
US188 Gardewine
US190 Montgomery
US228 Moran
US236 Haniger x2
US243 Gonzales
US251 Diaz
US272 Duffy
US274 Munoz
US276 Santiago

PLMK if you can use anything.