Omaha Royals Postgame 9/3

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Had some time after work so I went postgame to finish up the 50/50's. This was the final home game of the season. Once again Brandon Duckworth was nowhere to be seen but got everyone else I needed.

Heath Phillips 4/4 (2 Tribe Fan, 1 greatdadx2)
Tommy Gregg 1/4 (moose2348)
Lenny DiNardo 4/4 (Class act. Real nice guy. Visited with everyone and made sure he signed for everyone)
Tim Raines Jr. 2/4 (2 Tribe Fan)
Brian Buchanan 3/4 (1 Tribe Fan)
Alex Gordon 0/1 (Snuck out back. Kinda messed up since it was the last game of season)

Those with 50/50 I will PM you the status of your 50/50.