Omaha Royals vs Oklahoma City Redbirds


Omaha vs Oklahoma City 8/23

With Alex Gordon back in town this place was a zoo. Unexperienced graphers asking various Royals players if they can get Gordons autograph for them or assuming every player was Gordon. It was rather halarious. All pregame

Luis Hernandez 1/1 (1 Tribe fan)
Lenny DiNardo 4/4 (4 Tribe fan)
Scott Thurman 2/4 (2 Tribe fan)
Brian Buchanan 2/4 (2 Tribe fan)
JR House 4/4 (2 Moose2348)
Tommy Gregg 0/6 "Sorry dont sign any Braves cards. Must not of seen the 3 minor league cards with the Pirates" Oh well

Alex Gordon 1/2 8x10 Wouldnt sign in blue. Grabbed a black sharpie and just went down the line.

Justin Smoak 0/1 "Get me after the game, running late"

Brandon Duckworth - On DL wasn't seen
Heath Phillips - Ditto

If you wanna know the status of your 50/50 pm me.