"On line Pricing"


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OK, so shoot me for being (pick one) naive, dumb, behind the times, fill-in-your-own description.

Just how does "one line pricing" work?
Can you submit a list with a number of cards and get back their individual values and a total value of the list?
Or do you have to submit one card at a time?
Other than Beckett, is there any other online pricing?

I ask because I see that many trade "BV for BV." I always used a paper Beckett for that, but it gets tedious flipping from one page to another.

Simply said, it would be nice if there was a way to submit a list of cards and get pricing for each card on the list, but I don't know if that is available out there somewhere on the interweb or otherwise.

Thanks for indulging me.



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You can look up individual cards or a set on beckett. You cannot submit a list of cards that you are looking for prices on. But say you want to know how much several cards from 2015 Topps base set are you type in 2015 Topps, click on the link and you can have a PDF version that you can print or you can just look at it on line.


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The major upside of beckett online is it lists pretty much every card whereas print is very limited. Also, if you use the organize tool, you can actually input your inventory, and it will show the prices and update them as they change, etc.

I haven't used beckett in general for over a year except a print copy or two as needed. I just don't trade that much at the moment to justify the cost. If I got heavy into trading, I would definitely consider re-upping the online beckett for the sports I need.