On "Trade Deadline" eve, 2 August deadline Players!

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4.90 star(s)
Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
(Traded this day in 96 to Seattle, also traded to his current team in Aug. 06)

Jamie Moyer
3/3 - 69 days

Mr. T's Comment: The oldest man in MLB is still signing, and I finally got him back. This is one of the few Phillies not to send the preprint postcards, so I'm glad he hasn't changed. A very reliable signer to send to if you are just starting out with TTM.

(Traded in Aug. 03 after 10 years with Reds to the White Sox)

Scott Sullivan
2/2 - 23 days
Also added my letter back and put on the bottom "My Pleasure To sign. God Bless, SS"

Mr. T's Comment: Being only 39 (reitred when he was 33), he could still be pitching for a team today. He was a Reds workhorse from 99-01, and was a team favorite in the clubhouse for all those years. This is the best gracious signer I have got a return from so far.