one failure today + pickups, a pull, and a find

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Sep 16, 2008
Mooresville, IN
a failure from Richie Zisk today. Returned my 1984 back in my SASE unsigned but still in EX condition ;)
sent c/o address listed in The Bench's TTM Addresses database

on a plus note, a needed Loney card came in today - near 30% total beckett listed including 1/1s with a few incoming and attempting but failing to win several more popping up


A great pickup from the great Bench member robert326


Pulled this from one of 3 retail Wal-Mart packs:


And also I found this unopened pack of OJ cards in a random box I had in storage. I remember getting it from my Uncle a long time ago....anyone with any info?

side A

side B

Thanks for viewing, Happy Collecting!
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Don't feel bad about Zisk, he refuses to sign in person as well. Not sure if he is still managing in the minors, but many stories around of him being rude to kids and adults asking him for a signature. He saw his autos being sold on Ebay and decided to stop signing.
I could have cared less if I had Zisk, other than his 79 Topps card to fulfill my AS need, but then I started refocusing on vintage Mariner autos. He has several from about 1981-83 and most are still on my wantlist. He wasn't that good to be so bad at signing, but we have to respect his wishes I suppose.

Those OJ cards look like broders.
I have Zisk from back when I lived in the Pittsburgh area, I was probably 4 or 5 and my dad took me to meet him, if I remember correctly it was an auto dealership opening. His signed pic is buried somewhere in my collection. Have been a fan of his since that day, plus we share the same birthday...along with Babe Ruth. But I digress...sorry for the RTS, congrats on everything else!