One for December 21, 2009.

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5.00 star(s)
Mar 3, 2008
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Frank Thomas
118 Doray Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA
Out 2009.12.07 Back 2009.12.21
3/1 I included $5.

He included a nice letter saying where the $5 goes.

The letter

The card he sends out.

The card I sent him.
Very nice pick up
JOb well done
Frank Thomas is quite a person . I use to get his auto at least 10 times a mponth when I was a kid in pgh. He was a pretty good ballplayer also.
I wanted to wait to get him until I had something good for him to sign. I am so happy I found 2 boxes of the 93 UD All-Time Heroes, there is so many great cards to get signed and I really like the set.

I don't mind sending money for people to sign, but when it goes to a good charity I'll send to them first.
He has been working with Camp Happy Days for years...great guy...when I was living in Charleston SC around 1996 or so, he was in town for an event where they played a game of celebrity softball...where else would you see the "original" Franker, Sibby Sisti, Jim Kelly, and Thurman Thomas all on the same field playing softball? lol.

If you ever wonder where your money goes when you pay these guys $5, $10, $20 or whatever...I can tell you first hand that he really does support the kids with cancer... and if you have ever been around any of these kids that are involved it would totally break your heart...many of them are terminal and you know each year that there will be these great kids that you probably wont see the next's just really sad.

The good thing about it is for the time that the kids are hanging out with the celebrity types at these events they are just happy, normal, everyday kids that want autographs and pics like everyone else....if you ever have a chance to help out at one of these events you should do will put things in a different light for you, I promise that.