One in 1/7, Will I be Thrilled to add this to my collection?

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Apr 3, 2007
Rowlett, TX
Will Clark signed my 92 Triple Play card, don't have my info handy but it was a solid few months at least. He has an awesome signature. I knew he signed TTM sometimes but I wasn't sure if I'd get this one back.

Got kind of lucky too as the envelope was not sealed by the time I opened it (not sure if it was the weather or what) and he didn't return the card in the semi-rigid holder.

Loved watching him play for the Rangers so I'm pumped about this one.

Thanks for the read!
Man.. I have sent to him twice and no luck to this point. I need him for my 87 Topps signed set.. ugh! and he showed up on the wrong day at the All Star fanfest in STL and I didn't have the card with me and not one dealer had one. ugh!

Congrats on the success