One in 3/23/10, dual completed, probably not what you think

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Apr 3, 2007
Rowlett, TX
Back in January I got my 92 Triple Play Skydome card signed by the chief engineer from the project...

I sent my extra copy to the chief architect a couple of weeks ago still having not received any word from my previous attempts to get ahold of him... figured I had nothing to lose and apologized in my note for hounding him... yesterday I had my Canadian SASE in the mail and sure enough he had gotten it. He actually signed my semi-rigid toploader, slightly disappointing I suppose but I'm calling it a success. (No comments about toploaders please, this is the first time it's happened since I got back into TTM! :p ) He wrapped the toploader in a piece of paper with note "With my best regards, Rod Robbie O.C."

Mr. Rod Robbie, O.C. - 1/1 c/o his office in Toronto, signed in black, surprisingly only took about 2 weeks if that.