One last Birthday Gift!

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Bench Warmer
Sep 15, 2009
Randolph, New Jersey
One last Birthday Gift came in today! It was from a friend of mine who lives in FL. He graphed a lot during ST 2009 and got tons of cards signed. He sent me a box FILLED with signed cards that he got at Spring Training. Here's what i got: (he said i could trade any of the ones i don't want...)

Scott Proctor- 8 cards (2 are FT)
Mike Stanton- 5 cards (2 are FT)
Ricky Nolasco- 4 cards (2 are FT)
Jeff Conine- 2 cards (1 is FT)
Andrew Miller- 3 cards (1 is FT)
Josh Johnson- 2 cards (1 is FT)
Ryan Tucket- 4 cards (3 are FT)
Chris Perez- 4 cards (3 are FT)
Dave Duncan- 2 cards (1 is FT)
Ryan Ludwick- 2 cards
Ben Zobrist- 6 cards (2 are FT)
Matt Garza- 2 cards
Ted Powers- 2 cards (1 is FT)
Jonny Gomes- 2 cards
Brandon Phillips- 2 cards
Eric Davis- 2 cards
Joe Nathan- 6 cards (3 are FT)
Denard Span- 2 cards (1 is FT)
Rod Carew- 1 card (awesome!!!)
Melky Cabrera- 1 card
Jai Miller- 2 cards
Gaby Sanchez- 4 cards (2 are FT)
Matt Lindstrom- 2 cards (1 is FT)
Sean West- 4 cards (2 are FT)
Jay Gibbons- 5 cards (2 are FT)
Taylor Tankersley- 6 cards (3 are FT)
Andrew Dawson- 2 cards (1 is FT)
Tony LaRussa- 2 cards
Jon Jay- 1 card
Fredi Gonzalez- 2 cards (1 is FT)
Chris Volstad- 5 cards (3 are FT)
Pat Neshek- 10 cards (5 are FT)
Scott Cousins- 2 cards
Jason Motte- 2 cards
Kyle Skipworth- 2 cards
Dan Uggla- 1 card (awesome!!!)
Austin Jackson- 2 cards (1 is FT)
Brett Gardner- 2 cards (1 is FT)
Jose Molina- 2 cards (1 is FT)


Alex Rodriguez 8x10
Mariano Rivera 8x10
David Cone 8x10
Johnny Damon 8x10 (FT-need something GOOD)

I'm AMAZED that he sent me this many things!!!!!
You have 1 nice friend ;D. Awesome stuff, congrats and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!