One more time...what baseball card is this?

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This card came as part of a lot I bought on eBay, but I have not idea what parallel issue it is. It is from 2020 Topps Chrome, it is #97 in the set, and it is not serial numbered. I thought it might be the Blue Wave parallel at first, but like I said, it's not serial numbered. Anyone know what parallel this is?


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Going to agree with @David K. I believe it is a prism refractor.

Here is the checklist:

And here is an ebay listing of what appears to be an identical card:

If it is available for trade, would be interested in it. Thanks.


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According to Beckett, there is no prizm in the title of this series of cards. The only unnumbered refractors are the Negative and the Photo Variation. This might confuse things, but those are the unnumbered refractors that they list as card 97.

EDIT: Checking baseballcardpedia there is a prizm refractor. the negative is black and white. There is also an unnumbered sepia & pink.
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