Only 3 in.... but 3 great ones!

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Dec 1, 2002
Wow... that's all I cna say... some goodies...

1st, 2 from Spring Training... Mike Gonzalez signed 4 cards for me...
next, the Goose came through, Rich Gossage signed 1/2 for FREE!!

And last... JOHN SMOLTZ!!!!! And not the Autopens he is known for in the past! Signed 3 cards for me and all 3 are slightly different! he also included a brief note asking not to share the address as I went a different route through a relative. Super stoked about this one as he is almost impossible to get IP or TTM!

Hope all your mailboxes are packed!
I had a teacher in high school who was John Smoltz English teacher years ago when he was in high school (yes, she's still teaching). Anyways, he always wrote in his papers how someday he would become a MLB pitcher (of course, teachers think nothing of it). Now the rest is history.

I gave her some of his cards and I've been trying to find a Smoltz address to send to for both of us, but I guess you need to know people (only chance I have is his parents I guess).:p I'm jealous now!
great job!!!how long was the gossage turnaround?? have one out on him right now....