Opinions please on this Joe Morgan uniform - ANY G/U UNIFORM EXPERTS OUT THERE

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May 11, 2006
20 minutes away from Busch Stadium, home of the St
I purchased a pair of game-used pants of Joe Morgan's that were autographed. They came from Joe's collection. They also have a letter of authenticity from Joe, along with a letter from JSA. My question is this, they state they are from the 1984 season. They don't look like Oakland A's pants, but rather Giants pants. But even still, they don't look like the Giants pants I have researched, as they were black, white, orange on the stripe, not black, orange, black. Anyone got any helpful advice?



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Well, I would have thought green and yellow, not black and orange. Maybe the color is off a tad. But then again, my wife says my eyes aren't what they used to be when it comes to colors.

they had those really dark green jerseys that year...they were almost black...so pants look the same to me in the pics you posted....looks legit.
These just came today. They are green and yellow. The photo's they had up were really bad I guess for the colors. They are pretty cool too. I also got his sliding shorts with them. I should of bought the shoes, as they went fairly reasonable, but the jersey went high in my opinion. Or at least more than I could spend.