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2008 Documentary Master Set

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Aug 5, 2008
Norfolk Va.
Debating on doing the biggest quest of my collecting career.
2008 Documentary Master Set 9964 cards am I crazy and do I realy stand a chane on getting it complete?
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I'm hoping you just mean the set itself and not getting the set signed. No way unless you are loaded rich you would be able to get the entire set autographed
Not too bad. You can buy a case of the stuff for around $200-220 which will give you a great start, plus you can sell the YSLs and hits to get some of your money back on the case. I did a case myself and it was pretty fun. I was able to help out quite a few team/player collectors on this site and got some nice Twins lots in exchange...I sold the leftover YSLs and Golds from the case and got around $100+ back on the case, plus I had 12 Autographs, a YSL GU and YSL Buyback auto. Now if you're looking to do all the golds, then I'd say you're crazy.
Here is what I am thinking of bulding
2008 Upper Deck Documentary
2008 Upper Deck Documentary All Star Game
2008 Upper Deck Documentary Gold
2008 Upper Deck Documentary Home Run Derby

DaNotoriousNIC-Just how they come out of the pack.I still have part of my mind left.

2008 Upper Deck Documentary Seasonal Signatures
I say, go for it. If you do not set a time limit to complete it, you should have a chance. Just make sure you have enough trade bait/money.
No set time Trade what I have as I get stuff.Any suggestions on a good place to buy a case if I were to use that as a good starting point anyone?
i just purchased a couple boxes from charm city one of our sponsors, they have decent prices, but once your started hit me up i have all of mine up for trade as i ws hoping to get the ysl's we needed for the bench project.

and as for selling the ysl's i have really think i can make some money off of them on ebay? i hardly ever go there anymore, never even crossed my mind.
I voted for it. It can't be any worse than trying to do the 1998 Topps Tek set of 8100 cards. Hope it works for you. Butch
oldmarine0311-I may just do that if I get a case and I get any YSL's for the Bench I would be more than willing to work something out with you.

As far as it goes I think I am going for it good or bad.
I got a box full of a couple hundred of these actually. 5 or so AS and 25 or so golds.

If I can downsize into some GU/AU's or something, I can send them your way.
tigsfan-Please look in my bucket and see if you like anything,and we can see what we can do.
blowoutcards has them very very cheap.. Like 250 a case I think..


Blowout has them for around $220 during the weekend specials, which is higher than they were a few months back ($180), but still a good deal IMO. Cracking a case will give you most of the base and insert cards, but will barely get you started on the golds.

Got it for 234.14 yesterday VA. sales tax did not help and as they are only about 3 1/2 hrs away I am so ready for it to get here.Thanks for the opinions and wish me luck.
what was the cost of tax in your state? we dont have tax here, so we just got to pay shipping, just curious what the gouge you with over there?
5% not so bad and you can get free shipping if you do not mind waiting the 2-5 estimated days which is what I did.
I think I might have a couple hundred of these cards. You can get them at the Dollar Tree. They are yours if you want them. I know we talked about trading for some Mets base cards, I'd be more then happy to trade you what I have for those Mets. LMK.
Look at this way, with the glass half full. You will always be on the hunt for something. I think that is the challenge here. Finding what we are looking for. Besides how important is it what others think?
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Tankp: was just curious on opinions in the end it was my decision and I am happy with it though being the first case I ever bought It has been a lot of work hoping to get them all in order by the end of the day.Then the real hard part a want list.Thanks