Oraginizing your team collection.

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Dec 3, 2009
Colorado Springs
I'm starting to get overwhelmed by my Cubs team collection, mainly with how to organize it. I've been doing everything but the GU and auto's by year. Just curious how other team collector do it...ie base/inserts/gu etc.
Good Luck! I've tried many different ways to organize. My Brewer collection had once been by player...then it changed to by year... and then it was by team sets with inserts by player...and now it is basically on hold. I've worked much harder on my A & G collection which is MUCH easier to keep organized and I've found much more fun.

I personally just have a Rangers binder (3 actually) and don't have them sorted any special way...just have all Rangers (and some Washington Senators) in each one.
Thanks for the ideas guys. What programs do you use to keep track your collection? I've been using excel for the PC and a regular word doc for anything else.
For my Royals cards I have a binder for each year after 1980 and the cards are organized alphabetically by set, then by card number.

I use Becket to keep track of what in need/have.
First let me say my Yankees collection is very large. Many, many binders. My binders are in alphabetical order for the players that do not have many cards, like a few cards to around 30 cards for each player. Popular players have their own binders. More popular players have a few binders. I started this process back when players did not have many cards like today. My vintage is in plastic cardholders and penny sleeves. The bad part to this madness is I do not have any list or organization. I once had my collection organized from “A” to “L” not backed up of course so once I lost it I never tried again. I wish there is an easy way but when you have as many cards as I accumulated over the years it gets hard and expensive to organize in a manageable way.
I have my Red Sox collection in 3200 count boxes organized by year and brand. Team sets are in team bags, with a checklist in the front if incomplete and in the back when finished.
As far as an inventory program, I use the Beckett OPG, then transfer that info to an Excel spreadsheet. You can see my spreadsheet here for ideas.
No matter how you do it, you will probably change your organization habits several times before you find what really works best for you.
Good luck,
i think it is a constant problem for me. (i change my mind all the time on how best to organize it) for now i have all my autos in two binders(A-L and M-Z) GU in one album and then topps cards by year in one binder(should really be two binders) the rest just randomly in a few different boxes, though i plan on somehow organizing them, not sure how though!. good luck and please share your thoughts as i can always use any suggestions or advice on this. thanks
I'm not sure exactly how many Indians cards I have, but my last estimate was somewhere around 10,000+..

It's really hard to get organized, especially since with that many cards, binders are not practical. I do have a lot of cards separated by year/set, but it has been a while since I've done that, so I have a few thousand that need to be put into order.

As for how I keep track of everything, I just use three separate Word Documents (one for 2000's, 90's and pre-'90)... It's not a terrible way of keeping track of stuff, but an Excel spreadsheet would probably work a lot better. The total of the three Word files is about 280 pages long, so if I were to change now, it would take A LOT of work, haha!

Best of luck!
Thanks again guys.... I'm just afraid I'll never get it right. LOL

There is no right or wrong way to do it. I have 3 main collections, Wade Boggs, Braves and RCs. What I have done is my Boggs I have put in 2 binders organized by year with any Autos, GU or cards over $5 in a top loader and put in a 3200 count box. My RCs are done similar - anything Auto, GU, pre-1975 or over $5 is in 3200 count boxes. As for the Braves, like most of the other collectors, I have changed my mind so many times it isn't funny. I have done it by year, set and player. I do like having them in binders because it is nice to pull out and look at every once in a while. It all depends on the amount of space you have available to store your collection. And as for lists, I use excel for all mine. It allows me to track how many I have or need and is quite versatile.