Orioles Successes - 1 IP and 3 TTM...all tough signers


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Went to ESPN Zone along with about 400 other people where Matt Wieters was doing a signing. When I got there they said that only the first 150 people would be getting autographs, I was around number 200 I would guess. A lot of people were angry because they didn't advertise that it would be limited to 150 but eventually all but about 50 of the extra people left. I stayed hoping they would allow more people to get autographs, which they did. Everyone got an autograph who stayed.


Also got these tough Orioles Crown autographs for my set:

Albie Pearson - Private Signing on SCN

Carl Nichols - Private Signing on SCN

Ron Jackson - TTM - I would almost guarantee this is the only Ron Jackson signed Crown card. This is a custom that a member of the Bench made for me picturing the correct Ron Jackson. The card issued in the set pictures a white guy.
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