Over a million cards, and stuff for the pc!

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Apr 23, 2008
I'm a bout to finish moving my dads stuff into storage here. The 10*14 shed is full 7 feet high and you cant walk into it. Easily over a million in there since I counted how many boxes and did a little bit of basic math lol. I'll be looking for a sports card shop to sell a lot of it, but his Terry Glenn collection is the most prized in there.

His Glenn Collection was tremendously well taken care of and all in toploaders. He had (I've said this before, some may have heard) something like 98.6% of each different Glenn out there. Not too mention over 20 jerseys, autographed items, and a showcase full that's 6 feet by 6 feet approx.

I have cases of toploaders unopened and sleeves. I'll probably try to sell the toploaders and maybe sleeves, I really don't need that many. I also have unfolded white cardboxes. About 75-100 im guessing. They take up a lot of room but do you think I can sell them back to a card store?

My dad's dad had a stamp collection, a serious one. I have 500 page binders, and like 20+ of them filled with stamps from 1950 and prior. I don't plan on selling them but I might get them appraised for an estimated value just to be curious. I have no knowledge of stamps but my father and his were avid collectors.

Now for the pc... as I talk about my Dad a lot you all know he contributed to my Sheffield collection a lot. I've found countless Sheffield items in his house, I don't know if he planned on giving me these sometimes but I know he would have given me a lot of them. Upstairs I found about 500 topps rcs, and about 100 other various rc's...including like 30 UD. I found over 30 autographs, duplicates and non. Over 50 GU that are his jersey number out of how many produced. I've found over 40 1/1's which are mostly printing plates. And countless gu.

I had no idea I would find these things and im surprised he did collect that much stuff of the player I collect! It somewhat resembles Christmas eve and finding these things early, but you can't really feel bad for looking given the circumstances. One thing I know is that over time the Sheffield and Glenn collection wont go anywhere and they'll all end up online and be on display. The Glenns as the Sheffields will take awhile but it'll be worth it. The only thing is that I don't know that much about Glenn, luckily my dad had a checklist all scribbled on with ones he needed but I still have little knowledge on him :( I'll figure it out though.
Best of luck getting everything sorted through. I'd take a look through each and every box. You might find some special cards.
Best of luck getting everything sorted through. I'd take a look through each and every box. You might find some special cards.

I have pretty much, no one around my area will take any of them. They said theres too much and one guy would only take stuff pre 1975 and I dont have much
Theres no doubt in my mind that your father was going to surprise you with all of Sheffield's that he had collected for you. Looks like your going to busy for awhile! Best regards, David