Ozzie Smith, Andy Van Slyke IP 6/10

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Mar 7, 2008
St. Peters, MO
Just a heads up, Ozzie and Van Slyke are signing at the new Ozzie's Restaurant in St Louis on Thursday 6/10. 10am-noon. Free is always good!
Van Slyke was a no show. Ozzie was wonderful and super gracious. I got to sit right next to him and listen to the whole broadcast of his. He really is a class act. KFNS Fan AM 590 was there and their show is broadcast from there. Pretty amazing that Frank and the others were all asking each other, did you hear from Van Slyke. Every answer was no.

Oh well, my family had a blast, and I will try to post some pics later.
Wonder if Ozzie will sign cards via his restaurant like Dan Majerle does... worth a try I guess.

Congrats on meeting him and hanging out with him
Yeah it was good, I got there at 12:15 and Ozzie was doing an interview with NBC. I had an ice cold budweiser while I waited for him to get done. He signed an 8x10 of him doing a flip and my 1987 NLCS program. Couldn't have been nicer. There was nobody there except people eating when I went, perfect experience!
We probably passed each other then. I think we left near 12:30. Ozzie had finished with KFNS and was going over to NBC. There was nobody there really except for a lunch crowd, and that wasn't large. They had a large group upstairs, but I was shocked. No wait what so ever. And people could get multiples signed. It was a great lunch for the family.