Papa Grande from ST

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4.90 star(s)
Dec 16, 2007
Grand Rapids
Jose Valverde-Tigers ST, no clue where its postmarked from in MI since I can't read it Net....not a clue. Jose must live in a suburb of Detroit I've never heard of. Kept 1 of the 2 cards I sent, only reason I know I sent 2 is because this isn't for my set since its a Update card. Believe he is number 243 for the Tigers collection if my count is right in my sig.
man wish you did not need that card for your set, I need him bad haha

Its not for my set, its a update card, sent that one and I wanna say a A&G but got this one back. If I get him in a Tigers uni or on a ball you can have first crack at this one though.