Past 3 maildays days


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Ok so I slacked for a few days but here is what I've gotten back
Kevin Slowey-ST

Jerry Lumpe-30 days

Dave Wickersham-29 days

Erick Threets-bought this off from a member on SCN a while ago from someone who needed the cash to renew membership (hint, hint to SCN members) never again will I work with this guy now that this is the 3rd time I've had to ask him if he was sending my item out after waiting atleast a month. Already picked this one up when I bought that big lot of 08 Topps signed the other week and didn't realize I already was suppose to have this til I saw the card and remembered making a deal for it. Anyways the first one I got is FT.


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awesome sigs congrats!!! but that is a big red flag when you have to ask someone to send there part of a trade.....