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So haven't gotten on to update in quite some time now. Got a puck signed by Red Wings prospects Mitch Callahan (1 NHL game so far, tore his ACL this year but came back around during playoffs to support all his teammates unlike most guys that have season ending injuries) and Andreas Anthansiou on the 29th of April, never got around to taking pics of those and am to lazy to go dig them out now. Why I haven't been around is because my mother suddenly passed away on the 30th. Only reason I even share this is to show off my new tattoo I got done this past Thursday.

Now back to some more pretty good autographs
This Saturday I went to see Slipknot, got 2 of the 9 guys. Touring drummer Jay Weinberg (son of Max Weinberg from the E Street Band and formerly Conan O'Brien TV show) and #0 himself, Sid Wilson. Only had Sid sign the Iowa cover though since Jay had no part of that album and still isn't even an official member yet. Funny thing is out of all the people that waited around til the buses left like maybe 6 of us even got any autographs. I'm pretty sure majority of those people hadn't a clue what anyone looked like without masks other then Corey Taylor. Both Jay and Sid sat and talked with the group of us for quite some time. Jay probably hung out for atleast 20 minutes, all the while none of the people on the other part of the fence even came over.

Some very long awaited TTM's came back as well
Jeff Hornacek-430 days, the All Star card can be available for Hoops cards from same set as other auto

The Magic man himself Pavel Datsyuk-473 days, may POSSIBLY trade the Score card on the right for a star player from the Score set on the left
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