Past few months


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So with the wife now under a month away from our 1st child I haven't did much graphing or TTM. I got Brian Holzinger back after about a year but signed with a pen on the worst possible card to do that with so didnt even take a pic. Last night I added Ruppert Jones to my 84 World Series mini helmet, think I'm at 16 guys now, also got Rashad Brown and Fernando Perez on a card.

Also added 4 guys to team ball I got done day before opening day, think I got 29 sigs on it now, not gonna take pics yet til I literally cant fit anyone else. These were pickups, Vladimir Tarasenko 11x14 for preggo and finally got what I considered a fair price for a Ramon Santiago World Series ball, have a game used bat signed, a used hat of his (spring training or batting practice not sure) and a signed jersey. Been after one of these for years now but given he was never a BIG name I wasnt willing to spend big money.



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Congrats on the baby, all the rest of this stuff is secondary, but you will have a vast collection to share with a future sports fan!

God Bless, keep us posted!

Kevin Mc