• ATTENTION: The Bench needs your help locating the last 4 cards to complete the Yankee Stadium Legacy set.

Past few successes


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Got this on the 6th c/o Twins ST

this on the 10th c/o Padres ST

Got this today, technically yesterday now. 2nd RTS from Tigers ST, really sad seeing as someone even wrote on it DETROIT TIGERS, they knew where to send it since obviously the Tigers addy I and probably everyone has been using is no good now even though they haven't changed where ST is. Worst part is I still have 8 more out there and all of them except Damon and Jacob Turner have been out since right before ST started. Be nice if atleast a few came back signed since that address has worked for a few others.

Here is a scan of the Halestorm cd cover from Sunday night, can actually see the autographs on it now.